Prolactin postpartum services

  a, and service content:
1. postpartum milk less, and no milk
2. expansion milk, and breast mass, and breast deposition
3. gas milk (angry gas will to of)
4. breast deposition type breast inflammatory (product milk)
5. back milk
II, and postpartum expansion milk, and breast mass has unique technique no pain Meridian dredge.
three, less milk and heaving milk, flat nipples, nipple retraction more unique way, let the children eat milk on the spot, twins also have enough to eat.
four acute mastitis, breast cholestasis (product of milk) has a unique approach.
five, while professional point back milk, can lose weight 6-10 kg
birth prolactin best time: 24 hours to breastfeeding.
cesarean section prolactin best time: 48 hours to breastfeeding.
prolactin since ancient times, said the old man rubbing milk nuclei, to get more milk and more milk, but the right way, maternal ache or milk rubs back and know what milk glands pass and does not pass. A lot of milk is pressed flat Alveoli, leading to no milk. Now I am using the science of massage, all at once each of the maternal breast milk glands open maternal concentrated nutrients in, an adequate supply of milk secretion and milk do not form heave lumps, children to be able to eat in the breast milk immediately.