Month of training services

  confinement services month held all the year round training courses, training, certificates, recycle lectures, study, placement
site: Kaifeng, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, 1200-4000 Yuan a month or so, unemployed workers priority placement.
training content:
1, and newborn was born standard, baby of nursing (cord, and stool, and jaundice, and oral, and skin, and hip)
2, and breast feeding, and premature of nursing and feeding, and artificial feeding, and mixed feeding
3, and nursing in the often appeared of several problem, and common control, and baby Fu touch massage
4, and maternal nursing, and daily nursing, and breast nursing, and breast massage, and postpartum fuck
5, and maternal diet, and households knowledge, and common control, and Confinement recipe

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