Teach you five move against summer mosquitoes

  as summer comes, worry about mosquito bites are unwittingly become your daily troubles? Encyclopedia of life network effective methods to teach you a few tricks to deal with mosquito bites.
one or six pill consumer itches.
take liushen pill 10 capsules, developed the last tune into a paste with vinegar, or warm water, apply mosquito bite 3~5 times a day. 1-2 days after the swelling reduced fare disappeared.
b insect repellent, vitamin B1. Taking vitamin B1
people realize odour special, mosquitoes can be kept at a distance, to mosquito-proof effect. Vitamin B1 3~5 tablets dissolved in water (can also use liquid vitamin B1), sanitary cotton balls dipped in the solution to wipe the exposed parts to ward off mosquito bites in two days. Amount of vitamin B1 can also be directly applied to baths for bathing, vitamin B1 to prevent mosquito bites, is obvious.
three, itching.
chlorpheniramine, and dipped in saliva over and rub the bite, antipruritic effect is better.
four, fresh purslane leaves and stems swell.
stems and leaves a little fresh purslane, hand rub after water, affected area a liniment, with itching swelling effect.
v, realgar, garlic, white pepper, swelling pain. 10 g
realgar, garlic (single purple garlic or garlic) 10 Peel, soak 200 g 60 pure liquor within about 10 days, you can put on mosquito bites, 1-2, detoxification, pain, itching, swelling. Or use white pepper 20 g, mash liquor soaked in 100 grams of 60 degrees, sealed in the Sun for 3-7 days, you can put mosquito bites, 1-2, pain, itching, swelling.