Summer confinement are how to prevent heat stroke

  confinement is very dangerous in the summer, sitting out the symptoms of heat stroke prone, traditionally in our country, maternal care is always protected in a "tight" environment, some even quilts, long-sleeved dress, stockings and all come in handy. But summer maternity confinement are how to prevent heat stroke?
in fact, maternal care does not cover too much, air flow cooling, the best way to reduce the environment temperature. Maternal rooms adequate air conditioning or fan, bring down the room temperature, but not maternal and baby blow. In addition, the room temperature should be maintained at about 24 ℃, humidity should be maintained at between 50%~60%. In addition, maternity clothes must be breathable, confinement can blow air conditioning, proper room ventilation
sweat. If you feel hot, maternal best drink plenty of water, you can choose light drinking salt water. Women must pay attention to personal hygiene, bathing, air cannot flow in the shower, but can some doors, Windows and ventilation, not completely bathed in a closed environment. The diet, mainly to light. Thirst, sweating, m fear, evil 0, chest tightness, weakness and other symptoms will likely sit out the aura of heat stroke, then pay attention to maternal cooling heatstroke.

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