Sit out 15 practical recipes

  pregnancy give birth once, finally gave birth to a baby, many new mothers start appetite, on the family as well as make every effort to send food. Then cover how to fill in the diet?
1. liver for eating in the morning, noon.
2. egg yolk of iron on anemia in maternal effect.
/> Lotus root and rib soup treating anemia symptoms during the confinement, Lotus root with ease nervous tension.
3. lotus root and rib soup to treat anemia symptoms during the confinement period, Lotus root with ease nervous tension.
4. Scallops with emotional stability, to treat postpartum depression.
5. carrots are rich in vitamins a, b and c, are women's best dishes.
6. kidney strengthening kidney and promoting a new body metabolism, restore function and treatment of low back pain and other effects of the uterus.
7. Sesame calcium is high, eating can prevent calcium loss and constipation.
8. pig blood tongru and treatment of postpartum milk-absence syndrome.
9. peanuts can raise blood to stop bleeding, anemia, bleeding disorders can be treated, its nourishing effect.
10. high fiber of celery, preventable maternal constipation eat.
11. sticky rice flavor ganping, BU Zhong Yi Qi, red shrimp oil meal is a maternal noble qualities.
12. black beans are rich in plant protein and vitamins a, b, c, foot swelling, abdominal muscle relaxation and body have improved efficacy.
13. g zero cholesterol food high protein, for weakness, weight loss fatigue postpartum edema, jaundice, kidney deficiency are edible.
14. pig has strengthened the function of the heart.
15. kissing fish are high in calcium, for maternal consumption of
on the confinement giving birth, this is every Chinese woman to face the problem, MOM mother suddenly experience a treasure. But the thought of the next 30 days, can't move, can't take a shower, many people the scalp tingle. Out how to sit? It's a problem.
traditional confinement VS modern
raw vegetables have to be forbidden?
cannot be eaten cold, can't eat salt to eat vegetables, fruit ... ... Confinement almost become a diet "no-no." Instead, drink soup every day, frequently eat the hens turtle, if there are conditions now on the protein powder, bovine colostrum can be one word: "Supplement".
authentic interpretation:
mothers now proteinuria is careful to eat their meat nutrition plus many, but constipation also come with obesity, people often not much fat during pregnancy, confinement and recuperation after a person but a circle. In fact, similar taboo is funny, nutritionists have long said that high intake of foods rich in fiber, vitamins, and trace elements of fruits and vegetables will not only make the new mother to stay away from discomfort, are conducive to the healthy.
on how to eat, what to eat according to their actual conditions. Physical quality good new mothers can eat 500 grams of vegetables per day, fruits can also eat grape jelly and warm fruits such as cherries. For new mothers cold of spleen and stomach, you can drink boiled water fruit nectar.
in addition, some supplements are not suitable for women, such as the most common type of protein powder, if this is the absorptive capacity of the patient in question, this can ensure the body's basic nutrition, but women in the city can afford to eat protein powder, usually poor nutrition will not, protein deficiency do not exist. If you don't eat too much protein, likely to cause kidney burden, confinement and recuperation after proteinuria or even someone produce kidney damage.