Pregnant women what to do prenatal care

 , without any diseases before pregnancy, but due to some illness in pregnancy. Such as pregnancy-induced hypertension, is a serious disease of pregnancy, pregnant women can develop into eclampsia of hypertension, edema, severe brain hemorrhage and even death.
the fetus may also be due to severe hypoxia or premature separation of the placenta and fetal death in utero. But if early prenatal care, early detection, and early treatment can be both well. Such as gestational diabetes mellitus in pregnancy found that, under the guidance of a doctor, can ride out the pregnancy limit, and can prevent the development of diabetes later.
before pregnancy have a chronic disease, such as heart disease, hepatitis, nephritis, diabetes and so on, more early prenatal care, according to the severity of the illness, cannot afford a pregnancy, for the safety of mothers, the termination of pregnancy should be timely. To continue the pregnancy, should be regularly inspected and closely monitored.
how nutritional status during pregnancy, anemia, various trace elements there is no lack of virus infection during pregnancy and so on, have different effects on fetal development, such as the early diagnosis, timely treatment, you can make the normal fetal development.
If there is a serious genetic disease, or had mental retardation and severe malformation of the fetus, prenatal diagnosis can be carried out. Early detection of problems, decisive interruption of pregnancy.
at the end of pregnancy, antenatal care programme of childbirth can also be identified at an early stage, such as pelvic abnormalities, fetal position is not correct, can be found and corrected during pregnancy, some cannot be corrected as soon as possible to determine the mode of delivery, be prepared.