Mother qualities determine future outstanding parents just do three things

  mother quality decided children future, outstanding parents just do three pieces thing
parents treats children no outside between three species situation: a is everything tube, and always tube, do has many thing, effect is bad; II is what are regardless of, what are not do, drift, indifferent, results more bad; three is also tube but not full tube, do have not more, but are point, children growth smooth.
obviously, "do nothing" and "nothing is done" too extreme and biased, is not desirable.
outstanding parents have chosen "and not for" more specifically, only do three things.
the first thing: training
good relationship harmonious parent-child relationship is better than education. When parents and children relations better, education for children is likely to be successful; when bad relation with the child, to a child's education is likely to fail. Establish good parent-child relationship, the key lies in "location":
1. inadequate "judges", "counsel"
some parents see their children out of the issue, could not wait to become a "judges", which is very dangerous. The inner world of the child, the parents have to positively influence and educate our children, do not know will not be able to talk about their inner world. Child care is the first secret of their self-esteem, to preserve their rights and become a trusted and respected friend. Parents treated their children as "lawyer" treat their clients to understand their inner needs and whose sole purpose has always been to safeguard their legitimate rights.
2. not as "referee" learning to do "cheerleaders"
in the arena of life, children can only try. Parents cannot replace child shouldn't presume to be "referees", which should give them a good game, that is, "cheerleaders". Like this can help kids build confidence, which is the central task of education. Parents do their children's "cheerleading" should not only be good at discovering and praising the child, but also to guide children properly faced and in frustration before the child's friends.
3. "her trainer" learning to do "mirror"
children only awareness can overcome their own, but they usually can only be based on feedback from others to know themselves, when the parents of the "feedback" function mirror's role is very important. Not "trainers", "mirror", can help raise consciousness, to make children not scared parents of "authority" and to communicate with their parents. Education teaches is three points, seven points, and so on. "Wait" is very useful. We take a mosquito, I don't care, soon will be fine, if the total to scratch, but take a long time to get good. Because the human body has a certain degree of self healing functionality, mosquito bites you'll get better soon, force would be counterproductive. Education is also the truth. Stop, wait, give the child the opportunity to talk, and children to communicate effectively without education can solve the problem.
the second thing: developing good habits in children
habits decide the fate of children, nothing is more important than habit. If parents do not pay attention to cultivate good habits in children is undoubtedly ruin children a better future.
1. cultivation are all habits begin
tube for a lifetime of education. Intellectual education is good thinking habits, habits of moral education is a small, quality education is reflected in the small actions. Facts prove that habits are a strong force can dominate a person's life. All starts with habits of children.
2. habit is not a
used to be a big problem of says, is great wisdom. Good habits is by no means a day of power, its main principles are: low threshold and strict requirements, small steps, a fast paced, multi activity, change, get feedback and correction. Habit is the key in the first three days, decide in a month. Parents with full respect for the rights of the child, let the child in the habit of playing the master role.
3. through habit cast character
education is the sea going vessels, you must press the correct route, or bigger ship ran aground in danger of sinking. Human quality determines the direction of human development. Family education a core task is to train children to become a real person. Personality cultivation problem is often difficult to put into concrete action. However, the researchers found that the habits and personalities complement each other and used to influence personality, personality will also affect habits. Decent, honest, responsible, caring, cooperation, efficient character can be cast by habit.
the third thing: children learn how to learn
to attract children to love learning, children learn how to learn is an important duty of parents, but also a parent's real charm.
1. child tired of learning is a reason
let it, let it cool; pipe blind pipe, sow beans; nagging grumble, wanton abuse; instead arranged to create a "machine" ... ... If parents and so on is not a sensible approach will only make the kids love learning. Children love to learn is more apparent, there is a good reason behind: there is no good study habits? Children do best is not found? There is no scientific brains? Parents hinder children's "play school" nature? Is the kids don't realize that learning is his own thing ... ... Finding the reasons behind, can help children out of the shadow of weariness.
2. child's thirst for knowledge and learning potential
children lack the intellectual curiosity are stimulated, usually are not parents or strict enough, but blocked the child's interest. Interest (curiosity), dreams, sense of achievement, challenge, Thanksgiving, strenuously, making is clear and inspired children's thirst for knowledge channel. For a child, the so-called competitive advantage is the potential for effective development. Mood, resuscitation, hint, reverie, contention and program is to inspire children to learn the potential of six principles. Potential development although not absolute "schedule", but there are steps, such as goals, controlling emotions, sharpen will, focus point is very important.
3. children first is method
"love" is "how to learn", and "how to learn" is "love" that "will" in order to "learn". Children want to test first, must have some good ways to play a decisive role, such as: as planned, carefully writing, read textbooks, sorting errors, readily notes, help students, efficient examinations, free composition, and so on. Now a lot of parents in the education of kids into a new myth, namely blind slavish obsession with success even to teach tutoring experience, but the experience look easy, but hard to do. Because they are not "portable", if you just cloned, imitation will not be able to implement their own child's body, but easier, "learning" and counterproductive.
the most useful thing is really needs to calm down and think, refine. Education of children and parents thought it would be complicated, pays special attention to the three parent-child relationships, habits, learning events, parents became a prominent parents, children become eminent child, it is not a distant dream.