How to be one of the most beautiful pregnant mom

  rumors of a pregnancy is a complete end to hair dye!
a: Add hair dye is ending countless chemical action! now specifically for pregnant women to launch pure vegetable hair dye products with no added, though the color may not be as long, but basically harmless.
rumors two pregnancy Hou even general surface cream are less with's!
answer: moisturizing surface cream cannot stopped! although pregnancy Hou female hormone level increased, most skin status will variable good, but cannot because short time of improved and gave up on skin of based nursing, then strengthening based moisturizing nursing, with contains natural mine material of special run surface cream, will let skin status last steps. Rumors
only after three pregnancies face upwards a: just not as heavily armed as usual on the line! make a foundation brush your lashes can be, this will make you look radiant, cleansing as long as removing clean, the baby was not serious.
flaming lips, psychedelic big smoke, colored Nail Polish, right, has too many chemicals.
rumors can disappear under stretch marks to the confinement center massage!
a: don't be silly! cellulite and fat lines and will not go away can become weak, when you know it's there, it has been formed. Might as well nip it! in ready to use before pregnancy pregnancy creams to increase skin elasticity and strength. Don't need too nervous emphasizes professional massage, as long as they can use every day, like usually apply body lotion rub push hands circle painted, fully covered.
rumor fifth says no to add dietary fiber, taken during pregnancy will be more physical conditioning!
a: there is still no clear guidelines or regulations must be taken orally dietary fiber is completely without side effects for pregnant women. What nutrients do I need, why not eat rich diet, there is no need to deliberately emphasized the taking of oral cosmetics. Six pregnant
rumors breakout!
only reply: no need to endure! because of the instability of the estrogen, to interfere with the systems of the body, acne, and acne products containing trace amounts of acid on the skin to ease acne infestations, and won't go into the internal, cause irritation.
seven pregnant rumors have long hair, will absorb the nutrients of the body!
a: there is no scientific basis for it! has formed after the hair grows out, and no longer have any connection to the body, if the nutrition has been an endless supply of hair, there will be no hair products to repair your hair dry fork.
rumor eight-whitening anti-aging product can continue to be used during pregnancy!
answer: estrogen itself after pregnancy than usual rich, whitening anti aging products because of contamination with hormonal skin excess hormone stimulation, it will become worse, especially those with VA acid anti aging products, there will be risk of fetal malformation after use. Nine pregnant
rumors, "sour" product have to disable!
a: type of acid is the key! products contain small amounts of carbonate such weak acid during pregnancy, will still play a role in cuticle, to remove the dirt, it can slow down the pregnancy acne. But because of the weakened body resistance to the skin, thinning of the stratum corneum by external stimuli, it contains acid, acid-acid products in this type of class a will be avoided.
ten body milk after pregnancy rumors cannot be applied to the stomach!
a: pregnancy-no need to be nervous! generally only produce moisture body milk, increase skin elasticity, painted on the belly and no big deal. Body lotion with firming, slimming effect, because it might contain caffeine and skin dehydrated ingredients can cause irritation to the fetus.
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expectant mothers during pregnancy to proper skin care, to keep the skin smooth and sleek, preventing problems such as dry skin, spots, stretch marks appear. In this article, small series to introduce the pregnant woman makeup tips and pregnancy skin care tips. Makeup tips

pregnant women, according to experts, the pregnant mother were causes of vomiting and fatigue appear more pale, spirit has become listless, so pregnant women can modify the appearance to distract as tension caused by emotional changes. According to experts, Mummy are minimal makeup. When makeup, use a dark series of Foundation makeup, if pregnant women freckle, you should use the cover spot cream, but not too thickly coated, or easy to hurt your skin. After the Foundation on, transparent powder on the rush to fix cosmetics, eyebrows, lipstick, and then drew my eyes line. Finally, brush on a layer of blush, a Ruddy.
pregnant woman skin care tips, skin is very sensitive during pregnancy, no stimulation every time you wash your face with a mild cleanser products (facial cleanser or SOAP). Due to dry skin, wash the number should be reduced, twice a day.
2, after washing hands gently a few times, water semidry, mild moisturizer even put on in the face of
3, more water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, can be taken when necessary number of vitamins B2, c to prevent skin dryness.
4, maintaining a certain temperature, the best air humidifier, or indoors on a basin of water. More about the pregnant woman skin care can refer to "I love skin network" related articles.
5, try to avoid eating spicy foods, biscuits and instant noodles, drink tea and coffee, otherwise it will make the skin more dry and dull. Skin care tips

pregnant women 1, dry and rough, susceptible to Acne in pregnant women.
pregnancy skin care to select only with the function of pure moisturizing effect and not the other. If worried about skincare ingredients well, might as well mix by 1:5 pure water and Glycerin, add a little white vinegar OK. Especially after 5 months pregnant, some dry, rough skin, mommy can choose milk or cream for skin care.
2, pregnancy can make a woman's face, body out on a lot of the plaques, some could disappear naturally after ending production in pregnant women. To make your postpartum recovery well, guarantee a good night's sleep, eat high quality protein, vitamin b, vitamin c is essential for the food.
3, ugly stretch marks in pregnant women. Pregnant woman body parts should be kept clean of oil, oil is to avoid postpartum abdominal and leg left scars. Especially at the upper part of the stomach, hips and thighs. Such as local conditioning cream, are available to them during pregnancy and after childbirth, can effectively slow down the skin loose, to prevent or heal stretch marks.