7 ways to increase the likelihood of birth

  women pregnant for the first time, to identify pregnancy situations, it is necessary to pay more attention to body signals:
stop to childbearing age, women of normal menstruation, period expires does not come after marriage, it is suggested you might be pregnant, gave birth to a new life inside your uterus.
morning sickness
stops after about 40 days, pregnant women often develop nausea and vomiting in the morning, relief within a few hours, this is caused because the placenta produces large amounts of estrogen. After 12 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women have been able to adapt to the high levels of estrogen, nausea and vomiting, symptoms disappear.
during early pregnancy, pregnant women often urinate more, this feeling go away during the second trimester. This is due to the womb increases, pressure bladder caused by fetal growth signals. Increases
breast/> breasts during pregnancy as a whole keeps growing and late pregnancy has increased to 1.5 times, meanwhile, the papilla increases, become dark brown. This series of changes caused by estrogen and progesterone is secreted by the placenta, placenta functioning signal. Increase
with the increase in pregnancy, the uterus increases accordingly. 4-5 months of pregnancy, pregnant abdomen become larger, 6-7 in the month increased to abdomen, 8-9 months increases to the upper abdomen, which is the fetus a good signal.
18-20 week of pregnancy, pregnant women start to feel fetal movement, until delivery of the fetus. Fetal movement first appeared in the lower abdominal Central, smaller, like a bird in the hand, when restless feeling. With the increase in pregnancy, fetal movement also upward, laterally expanded daily fetal movement at 40 times or so. Fetal heart sound

20 weeks of pregnancy, doctors use fetal heart sound receiver can hear fetal heart tones, parts of Central or side of the lower abdomen of pregnant women, fetal heart tones are 120-160 beats per minute. Husband had better learn to listen to the fetal heart tones, can be used as a simple family of fetal monitoring measures.
* yellow light
paroxysmal abdominal distension and
before 37 weeks of pregnancy, a bloating every 3-4 minutes, accompanied by a small amount of vaginal bleeding, prompted a threatened miscarriage or preterm need tocolytic treatment. Uterine growth
when the uterus growing weeks could not be the right height, that fetal growth retardation in the womb, likely to die. Puffy

shank slightly swollen in pregnancy is normal. If the edema extends to the thighs, abdominal wall, is likely to show severe pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome.

late pregnancy headache headaches with Vertigo, dizziness, nausea, elevated blood pressure, severe pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, should be on the alert.
hyperemesis Gravidarum
pregnancy morning sickness may develop vomiting, to drop into, eating out, and until 3 months later. This disease can lead to a pregnant woman's body electrolyte disorders, liver damage, jaundice, can affect fetal growth and needed hospital treatment.
normal fetal movements per hour decreased fetal movement
3-5. Fetal movement less than 10 times within 12 hours, as meat fetal hypoxia signal, to the hospital in a timely manner.
14 days has not yet overdue for post-term pregnancy childbirth. Fetal mortality rate, post-term pregnancy childbirth rate and incidence rate are higher than term infants in the neonatal period, so when childbirth more than 10 days, should be hospitalized by doctors, as appropriate, take measures to ensure maternal and child safety.
* red
suddenly appears persistent pain in your lower abdomen in early pregnancy, accompanied by nausea, dizziness and fainting, vomiting, bowel movement, a sign of ectopic pregnancy, must be sent to hospital at once.
vaginal bleeding
pregnancy early vaginal bleeding has two species situation:
1, and vaginal bleeding volume over normal of menstrual volume, description fetal has death, as not timely suspended pregnancy, bleeding too much can endanger pregnant women of life;
2, and vaginal bleeding volume rarely, but check found uterine obviously is less than pregnancy month, b super tips Palace within not see embryo SAC, also description fetal has in Palace within death, will caused variety complications, even caused infertility. Large number of vaginal bleeding late in pregnancy, such as with persistent abdominal pain, a sign of premature separation of placenta; if there is no abdominal pain are a sign of placenta previa, both of them can endanger the mother's life.
water tips with premature rupture of membranes of the vagina the vagina was torn, pregnant women should take the supine hospital as soon as possible. Delay time, easily lead to infection and fetal death in utero.
rapid growth of uterine
pregnancy early and medium-term, such as the uterus increases rapidly, more than pregnancy, ultrasound tips are hydatidiform mole, should take measures as soon as possible.
/> breast during pregnancy increases the breast or abdomen stopped growing, shrinking, breast swelling disappear, are signals of fetal death.
fetal movement, fetal heart tones
pregnant women, fetal movement consciously stop disappeared for two days, and fetal heart tones disappear, indicating that the fetus was dead.
pregnancy when faced with these 6 red light shall stop "forward" to terminate her pregnancy.