Service process

  dear users, after love rhyme when you hire waiters, in order to better serve you, please understand, respect and pay attention to the following issues:
1, cash, certificates of deposit, securities and valuables for safekeeping, and so as to avoid disputes.
2, not without approval of staff additional leave, without the consent of the company and staff, please do not private exchanges, lending staff. Not property dealings with staff.
3, users, such as infectious disease or mental patients and other matters affecting the health of staff, should be to the company description. If there is concealed, once discovered, as a breach, company reserves the right to immediately terminate this agreement, do not refund the service fee is not due, such as impacts on the health service personnel, accountability for liability of the user.
4, please try not to make the family's phone number and address told the waiter, waiter's letter by the company through the agreement period such as your home address or phone number changes, please notify us in a timely manner, in order to better serve you.
5, please don't take the waiter to inappropriate sites. Do not encourage staff from the company.
6, if you need to arrange the waiter agreed, must be agreed by the company and staff.
7, Porter service, company staff take the initiative to show users their home items, the user shall cooperate with the inspection, if there is no suspicion at the signing of the record. After the waiter, any items in the user has nothing to do with the waiter.
1/> 1, service process) knows the pregnant your due date or baby's age and other relevant circumstances;
2) customer requirements and standards;
3) recommended matching staff with customer
2, the company through the website or email your resume to customer staff for more information.
3, negotiation: an appointment arranged to meet customer and service provider.
4, contracts, customers pay the deposit or fees.
5, service.

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