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  Shanghai and caring confinement center, is the maternal and child care industry leader in Shanghai, was first approved by the State Labor, industry and Commerce departments of professional maternal and child services agency.
Center was founded in 2006, formerly known as "integrity confinement" of 08, officially changed its name to "Shanghai and caring confinement service center". For several years, my Center with high sense of responsibility and family-like care, providing our customers with a scientific, thoughtful, safe, convenient service, and has won recognition and reputation in the community. Meanwhile, we create high-quality, caring confinement in Shanghai, Shanghai confinement confinement, confinement in Shanghai company, Shanghai prices, Shanghai month how much money sister-in-law network, Shanghai, Shanghai months confinement intermediary which month, Shanghai companies, the best month in Shanghai company professional confinement, nursing sister-in-law team.
Center management the implementation of staff not only norms are in place, sound regulatory framework, all administrative and service personnel trained before, must undergo a rigorous theoretical knowledge and practical skills training, and through the hospital after the health examination and verification of my identity card, post service, the protection of the mother and child services of professional level and the client's family property and personal safety.
I Centre in maternal and child services performance and strength, has got the Shanghai TV station, the Shanghai evening news, Shanghai radio and TV coverage and attention.
the past few years, our Center details from development in order to create value integrity, we know from previous single service project, to present a variety of projects-services, we work with many clients to establish a long-term Internet, 24-hour free telephone advice.
Shanghai and caring confinement service center is an enterprise of love, sacrifice their love for their careers. Confinement, with their children, Kang Baoyue sister-in-law, health always be with the baby.

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